Structured Wiring

Defining Systems provides high quality structured cable installation for residential and commercial applications including: voice, data, video, cable TV, satellite, and high-speed internet. Distribution from a structured wiring cabinet provides the most efficient way to wire for today’s low voltage needs.

Main lines carry data in from the exterior  to a central location and from there signals are split, amplified, and distributed. Phone, TV, and network jacks are all fed from a central location making equipment and user  based configurations customizable.

Structured wiring cabinets are ideal for phone and network distribution, TV/video distribution, and modem locations. When done right, wires and cables are dressed neatly allowing easy access for reconfigurations when necessary.



Many modern homes are built with such metal enclosures in master bedroom closets or utility rooms and are protected with lock and key. “Main feeds” (usually from the exterior of the premises) feed data to this centralized location. From here data is split, amplified, and distributed to phone, net and TV jacks throughout the house.

We’ve come a long way from the “daisy chain” style of wiring that used to be common practice. And now that network jacks are just as prevalent, if not more, than that of phone and TV, distribution such as this becomes necessary.





Service Providers, modems, and how they affect you:

AT&T U-Verse


Directv & Dish